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Yes, S&R Originals produced my wedding and 15 years later planned my son’s Bar Mitzvah. Now it’s our turn to join the 40th Anniversary Celebration!

I married my wonderful husband, Cliff, on June 15, 1986, at the Beverly Hills Hotel. My mom was the co-founder of S&R and one of her favorite stories about our wedding was when Cliff arrived at the first planning meeting and announced he was ‘…here to interview S&R Originals to determine if they got the job!’ We all had a great laugh! He had very little choice in the matter. The wedding was beautiful and very on trend for the time…MAUVE! Check out our 80’s style in the 1980’s decade of the Anniversary Album.

By the way, like many [most] of our clients over the past 40 years, my wedding pictures are not digital. In order to post them, I took pictures of the photos in my wedding album with my cell phone camera.

S&R takes great pride in the fact that we have truly celebrated with families for generations. My family is no exception. Fifteen years to the day after our wedding (June 15, 2002), was our son, Aaron’s, Bar Mitzvah. A baseball theme, our amazing S&R art production team created truly life-like, fully dimensional replicas of the plaques in the Baseball Hall of Fame along with a fun, baseball environment. We even created a custom Hall of Fame plaque for Aaron which still hangs in my office. Aaron is now a college graduate, played baseball in college, and now works in the sports industry!

Celebrate life!

Cindy Hassel

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